tFender: All-in-one Real-time simulation and measurement system

tFender, a development of tectos R&D engineers, is a measurement device which focuses on the condition of your product. The team put great emphasis on clarity and usability – for example all necessary parameters can easily be set on your tablet using the tFender app. It is self-evident that data are presented in a clear and informative manner.

tShaft: Shaft selection and verification tool

Testing a new motor on the testbed also means a big challenge in choosing the right shaft with the exact properties. Here, not only the corresponding torques have to be transferred but also the relevant levels of stiffness and distributions of the mass inertia have to be taken into account correctly.

tShaft is an efficient analysis tool that selects the optimum shaft for an engine on a given test rig. Only a few parameters can be used to define all current engine types. The user can also use integrated estimation routines to determine unknown parameters.

tDME100: Dynamometer

The tDME100 was designed for torque measurements on installed intermediate shafts for vehicle tests. The torque is measured on the gear shaft using strain gauges (DMS). Transmission is done optically. The connection between the DMS and signal processing is pluggable.