tGear High-Speed Gearbox

tGear High-Speed Gearbox

WLTP test cycles for e-motors on conventional test beds

By launching the new tGear High-Speed-Gearbox, tectos engineers present another solution that impressively combines years of experience and intensive development work in the field of NVH for alternative and conventional drives. 

The new tGear High-Speed-Gearbox enables WLTP test cycles including efficiency mapping for e-motors on all common conventional test benches, thus offering maximum independence at the same time. It connects e-motor’s output shaft with a conventional ICE dyno on its opposite interface via an assembly consisting of a constant-velocity (CV) shaft and mechanical adapter. Since it is a mechanical system, both asynchronous and synchronous e-motors can be tested. The mounting itself is simple and safe by means of an adapter plate on the base frame.  

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Phone: +43 0316 228617

How it works:

tGear “translates” the comparatively low speeds of the test bed into the high speeds required for e-motor testing. Thus, the gearbox enables a transmission ratio of 1:2 up to 1:7 at a maximum output speed of up to 30,000 rpm and a torque of max. 1,800 Nm. 

Additional flexibility is achieved by the 2-part design:
The gearbox (1) and oil supply (2) -including pump, filter and heat exchanger- are separate from each other, and the oil supply can be mounted directly above the “gearbox box” or elsewhere thanks to the flexible design. The oil supply is a closed circuit, fed with water from the domestic water supply for cooling. 

Vibration-Optimized Design:

Watch tGear in action here!

Here you can find the tGear factsheet.